Reunion 2007 is on Saturday 7 July


Back in 2004 when we held the last reunion I said I'd arrange the next one for 2007 when we would all be 40!  Although it doesn't seem like three years have passed 2007 is here and most of us are now 40 so the reunion is set for Saturday 7th July from 8pm at The Bull Inn, Battle.  We hope to see as many of you as possible there.


The Reunion on Saturday 19 June 2004

The venue as before was the Abbey Hotel on the Abbey Green in Battle.  We had a very good turnout with around sixty people.  Judging by the number of people who said to me they had a good time and the amount of smiling and laughter the evening was a great success.  Forty photos from the reunion can be seen in the Photos section.


 Here is what people have said about the reunions:

I still can’t believe that 20 years have slipped by; meeting you all again gave me a real buzz, I must try harder (as my school report often read) to keep in touch….no excuse now” – Ben White


“Thought Saturday was a success again, different people there again which was great, a great chance to do lots of catching up. Looking forward to the next one. Fran Steuart-Pownall (Wickerson)


“Thanks for arranging such a great night out, it was great to see so many old friends.”  - Diana Allen (Wells)


"Thanks for a good time on Saturday, It was really good to catch up with everyone again - not enough time though. A lot of good memories came flooding back!, I'm looking forward to the next one!" - Iain Kenny


Thanks for organising a fab evening on Saturday.” - Becki Watkins (Knight)

If you came along to one of the reunions and want your comments added to this page then send me a message through the Contact page.


The Reunions in 2003


The prompt for a reunion in 2003 was the fact that it was twenty years since we left Claverham!

There were two reunion evenings at the Abbey Hotel in Battle.  The first on Saturday 7 June, organised by Debbie and Leslie, attracted around fifty people.  Some people had to be persuaded to go along but afterwards said that it was an excellent evening and they were really glad they went.  I enjoyed talking to people and hearing what they had been doing for the last twenty years.  It was surprising to find out how many people still live in Battle, Hastings and the villages even though you never see them around.  Unfortunately no one took any photos on this evening.

The second reunion evening on Wednesday 13 August was attended by around thirty people, which wasn't bad for a Wednesday evening in the holiday season.  I arranged the evening because Lucy Wilkins missed the first reunion as she was living in Singapore and wanted to meet up with a few people from school while she was back for a holiday.  A few people took photos and they can be seen in the Photos section.