The pupil list that I took along to the 2003 reunion has now grown to more than 190 names, although I'm not convinced that is everyone.  Click on the links to the left to see the list of pupils sorted in different ways.  Each list is shown on multiple pages.  Use the links at the top or bottom of the list to move between pages.

The lists show pupil photos of about 85% of people to assist your memory and give you a laugh!  I know that for some people I could remember their face but not their name and for others I could remember a name but could not put a face to the name.  I've taken most of the pictures from class photos and the whole school photo.  The quality of the pictures is not very good as I don't have good scans of all the photos.  If you have any class photos that are not shown under the Photos section then please scan them and send them to me.

The pupil lists show an icon next to each person that indicates whether we have been in contact with them.  I am in contact, either directly or through others, with around 150 of the people in the list.  If you have contact details for someone and I don't then please let me know or get them to contact me.   I have not shown peoples contact details on the list as I want to get their permission first. Tell me if you are happy for me to show your email address or phone number.  If you want to contact someone on the list then contact me and I will pass your message on to them.

If you have any additions, corrections, contact details, married names or other information for anyone, or yourself, then please let me know.